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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Tuesday Stitchers import: TAST wk 9- couching

Well, I spent the early part of the week finishing up stitching my February block for CQJP, so I didn't get more than a couple of hours to work on TAST this week, and that only because I suffered terrible insomnia last night and decided to put it to good use. Now I need desperately to try to sleep again because I have mid-day plans, and I'm already going to be short on sleep even if I delay my alarm clock to the very last possible minute.
I do despise insomnia!
But I enjoyed the stitching that I accomplished, so at least that's something. If I'm lucky I'll get more chance to stitch on it before the next stitch comes out. I do enjoy couching!
On this postcard, I couched down a holographic woven ribbon with a simple but decorative blanket stitch to get warmed up.
Then I took three strands of perle cotton in three different shades of pink and twisted them together into a fringe as I couched them down. At the end of that seam I decided on a whim not to bring the ends to the back and tie off, but to carry the same threads into the neighboring block in a different couching exploration. Instead of twisting the threads together, I braided them together for a couple of inches and then, tired of braiding, I couched down each of the three strands independently in an overlapping decorative swirly pattern.
What fun!

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