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Friday, August 10, 2012

Tuesday Stitchers import: CQJP progress end of July and early August

I am so glad that I got so much done in early July because I didn't get a lot of extra stitching time before the month ended.
I did get a chance to try Basque stitch, and enjoyed it:

I added a fly-stitch + bullion variant:
I must have done this bullion rose and herringbone combo because I don't see it mentioned in a previous post:
My very favorite, though is this lovely little chain-stitch serpentine line with French knot accents. The chainstitching is done with a lovely little DMC floss that I dyed myself! :) SO happy with the way that color set came out:
It's even prettier in real life. :)
I also managed to finish up my June bjp (which only got half-finished in June) and my Junly bjp. :) Yay!! ... except that I still need to turn under the excess fabric to finish up the medallions.



Okay... apparently I got more accomplished than I gave myself credit for. That seems to be a running theme in my head--what is it that I'm expecting from myself that I always feel like I 'haven't accomplished much'? I think I need a minor mental adjustment. :P

Plus, I managed to get a nicer picture of one the seams I showed previously. It's a multi-strand orange herringbone laced with purple:

As for the posting schedule, I have one more big dance weekend coming up this coming weekend, so I know I'm going to miss my Sunday timeslot. I'll get my post up as soon afterward as I can manage! :)

So now I have three TAST stitches to catch up on: oyster, Algerian eye, and cast-on. I should be able to incorporate oyster and cast-on without much problem, but I anticipate some problems incorporating Algerian eye. Most of the fabrics I used on this project are a bit fine and tightly woven, plus I interfaced a lot of them, so pulling open the eye of AE will be a little tricky to say the least! And the support fabric beneath the decorative fabrics is not one that I would want to have show through. ack. I'll figure something out. :)

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