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Friday, January 27, 2006

SP6 - You Thought It Was Over ! !

The official end-date for the Secret Pal Six exchange was December 4, 2005.

I had a most wonderful Secret Pal Spoiler (remember the peacock-themed box with the Manos yarn and the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn? remember the fabulous pink-themed box for breast-cancer-awareness month? the pink yarn, the pink Nalgene bottle, the pink carabiner, and the pink M&M's that didn't last long enough to make their way into cookies? (did you ever read the detail links on that post, btw? click on the asterisked photos if you want all the juicy admiration details!) remember the nekkid-sheepieee personalized stitch-markers?).

With all that she did to remember me and make me feel absolutely pampered and appreciated, the only sadness that I felt at the end of the exchange was that somehow she hadn't ever let me know WHO she was! And since she had been particularly careful, I did not even have an annonymous e-mail address to try to reach her!

Well, it ends up that she had yet Another surprise in store for me!! A package arrived in time for my birthday that was so full of fabulous goodies that I cannot even begin to guess how she managed to find room for the packing peanuts!


Two skeins of a worsted-weight blue wool that should be perfect for felting! Since I already have a pair of mittens for myself, I am pondering: felted house slippers or a felted purse? Or maybe a felted fish! I haven't done one of those in awhile... In fact, I could probably get the felted fish even after I'm done with one of the other projects!

Three skeins of Noro Kureyon! Also perfect for felting, and fabulous colors for fish!! Of course, with three balls of the Kureyon, I might want to consider a larger project... (does Three Fish count? ;) ) I love the colorway! .. so does the Bethieee. .. ..hmmmm..... :)

SoapHenge!! Three bars of Pre de Provence soaps! (I feel a relaxing bath coming on!!!) ... and pedicure lotions! PamperPamperPamper!!!

How's that for a fabulous box!

But wait! There's still room for packing peanuts!!
So look what she added:

Candy hearts for Valentine's Day! My favorite holiday!!
Post-it notes that say "Smile" in flowers!
Notecards that remind me that "Success is simply a matter of getting up one more time than you fall down." Especially worth remembering while I'm ice skating!
A little garden-themed notebook!
A Sparkly Purple blank journal book!!
And tiny little stickers for my freshly pampered toes!

Watch carefully now...

Did you see it??
Did you??

wait, I'll slow it down:

THERE! Those are the Bethieee's fingers!! I'd better keep a close eye on my Noro! ;) (giggle)


But Best of All, my SP6 Spoiler let me know who she IS!!!!!
Janet of KnitaPalooza, Thank You!!!!!


  • At Sat Jan 28, 07:58:00 AM PST, Blogger KniTaPaLooZa said…

    I am so happy you enjoyed them all. I am sorry like I said that I was late in getting it to you.

    I truly enjoyed being your spoiler for the sp6. I can not beleive that I did not mess up and accidently tell you who I was. Can't keep secrets at christmas but was able to do this. Woo!

    I had so much fun taking on the theme boxes. I really tired to personalize them for you! I have truly enjoyed reading your blog. I still check it all the time.

    Thank you so much for letting me spoil you over these past few months! And I am so glad that you enjoyed the packages!



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