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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Knitting Olympics Update: Day 3

Go ahead-take a guess: I'm putting together a puzzle with a picture of *what* exactly? pine needles?

I'll give you a minute to think about it while I share the progress of the day. I'm putting together a puzzle because I really needed something at least as captivating as my knitting to work on during the mandatory rest breaks for my wrists. "Just one more piece..." is almost as compelling as "just one more row..."

As for the knitting, I'm really getting comfortable with the lace pattern. I only had to rip back 6 rows today because I started on the wrong line of the pattern. Doh! Even so, the shawl is steadily growing.

Each of the plastic clips on the center line marks one day's progress. I expect the clips to get closer together with each day because the shawl is growing by two stitches every even row.

The white thread marks the change of needles from Clover 6 (4.25mm) to Addi Turbo 6 (4.0mm) I'm really hoping that doesn't bite me later, but so far I'm just not seeing a reason to worry, so I'm leaving it in.

Ready for the answer now? The image in the puzzle?

Yah, that's right.. I've put together all the easy parts already. (sigh)


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