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Monday, March 20, 2006

Cactus Buckets, the Answer!

Well, in two weeks I got TWO answers!! :) Both of them made me laugh! and since I promised two prizes, I can send one to each!! :) Yay!! Laurie and Heidi will each be getting a giftie from me in the mail (s'long as I have addresses to send to.)

The "real" reason (which went unguessed), as I was told by the nursery who bucketted their cacti, is that the buckets protect the tips from frost damage. .. without the buckets moisture collects in the pores at the tips, and when the temperature drops the moisture freezes, giving the cacti freezerburned tips! ouch!

I'll put pictures of the prizes up in this post later when I've had a chance to get them photographed and ready to send. Since both the respondents spin, I thought I would have fun with my drum carder and mix up a couple of fun batts for each. :)


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