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Monday, April 03, 2006

Project Spectrum: Grandma's Fabric-Orange

When my father's mother left her lifelong home a couple of years ago to enter assisted care living, her quilting fabrics were left to me. I have been stymied as to what to do with them - They are treasured mementos of my connection with her, of a passion for fabrics that we both share. They are definitely sentimental.. and she could even tell you which project each fabric was purchased for. There are colors that haven't been seen since the '60s. ... (... that didn't seem so long ago, once... but I just did the math. Ouch! I'm getting OLD!! ;)

Her collection is a representational cross-section of fabrics from well before my time to fabrics I recognize from the mid-1990's.

She had already cut much of the fabric into squares, rectangles, and other shapes-- laboriously traced by hand and cut with shears-- projects planned and set in motion well before the emergence of the self-healing cutting mat and circular blade cutters that have made quiltmaking so much more accurate and enjoyable for me!

Her design sense is more traditional than mine, her color choices very different. There isn't a realistic way for me to attempt to undertake the quilts she left unfinished.

But Project Spectrum seems a perfect opportunity to sort through Grandma's quilt squares again and share their beauty with the world. :)

Since April is Orange, we'll start there:


  • At Fri Apr 07, 05:25:00 PM PDT, Blogger sauvageblue said…

    I am tickled to see your fabric, fabric is my first love major addiction I have to admit. Plus orange is my daughters favorite color, she is a character to go with it. Its not the easiest color to find either. So I truely appreciate you sharing your lovely picture.


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