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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I get to meet my Secret Pal (9) today! :)
She's given me so many hints to who she is, but everything's been so busy and chaotic that I still haven't gone through the SP participant's list fully to find her blog. oops. ..
But today she's in town! Really!! visiting Seattle for a conference of some sort, and she wants to spend time with ME!! Wow, that is **SO** cool!
We're going to go visit Churchmouse Yarns and Teas today over on Bainbridge Island after I am done with my PT appointment.

This first week of 2007 is already better than any week of 2006, even *with* the unexpected flight to Tucson. (Says a lot about 2006, doesn't it?)

Oh! and my birthday is day after tomorrow! I'm so excited that my SP can be here for it!

and as if that all weren't fab already-- whatever snow we may or may not have had fall last night/this morning didn't stick! so I can drive in comfort!! :)

hugs all.


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