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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Have The Dreaded SSS !

..which would be Single Sock Syndrome!!

(not the more familiar SSS: Second Sock Syndrome-- nope, I rarely have trouble getting the second sock started, finished, usually even to match. The second sock goes great-- I know what I'm doing, I've worked out the glitches on the first sock, the second sock goes by like a breeze.)

My Norwescon sock is still missing!!! ARGH! Lost and found doesn't have it. The hotel doesn't have it. My luggage doesn't seem to have it! WHERE DID IT GO???!

I'm blaming house-gremlins again. ..though I've had remarkably little trouble with them in the past year. .. and I'm not sure "house" gremlins would be the right species, since I wasn't at home when it went missing... so I guess "convention gremlins" would be more accurate.

I've moved on to new projects in the interim, while I wait to see if the missing sock will ever show up...

but I'm not adapting well to the absence of my missing sock! My feet are in a war over which one gets to wear the single finished sock. My fingers are aching to finish the now-familiar pattern. My camera wants to take a triumphant picture of the sock that should be finished now but isn't even here anymore.

Single Sock Syndrome, I guess... the equally devastating cousin to Second Sock Syndrome so widely suffered by knitters around the world.

It doesn't help any that this was a pair of socks that took a devastatingly long time to complete (now even longer and perhaps never to be completed) .. I started the ball of yarn in early October (yes, I'm behind on my posting. I realize that, and I will try to catch up as I can!) ... ripped out that progress in late November and restarted. ripped out that progress in late December and started AGAIN. .. finally settled on a mild adaptation of the Jaywalker pattern and worked on sock 1 in Tucson, AZ while we sat with Keith's father in his final days. ... I made good progress throughout January and February-- those horrible cold stormy winter days of wind and snow-- and didn't bring the second sock with me to Hawaii. .. I did bring *SOME* knitting with me to Hawaii, but I didn't work on it at all (despite its looming end-0f-May deadline), not even on the plane flights. I would have left the fiber world behind entirely for all of March except that I can't. ;) .. I planned a quilt and picked out fabrics, I sewed (entirely by hand! with needle and thread! no machine!!!) a pair of slacks for Keith, I learned to spin sennit into rope, I wove a coconut palm leaf fish... but no knitting.

Maybe if I'd worked on the second sock while I was in Hawaii, it wouldn't have been able to go missing at Norwescon! argh!! Regrets will doom you.

And now it's gone. And it will take me a long long time to come to terms with the permanence of that fact. For now I am still hoping it will come back. Later on, when I am certain that I have done everything possible to find the missing sock and have been fruitless nonetheless, I will, perhaps, settle the battle between my feet by making the Single Sock into a hand puppet.

Then my hands can war over which one gets to wear the blasted thing.

Hugs all!


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