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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lei Kupe'e

Last night was the best so far in all of these wonderful nights and days here on the islands! Last night we got to sit in with a hula hulau (group/school) and begin to learn the fascinating art of Hawaiian feather work! It was the chance to connect with the culture that I'd always dreamed of but never thought possible. We were introduced to each new person in turn as they arrived, and each and every one of them made us feel welcome and a part of the group. It is that feeling of Aloha that I most want to learn from these visits to the islands, and last night was a chance to see that spirit in practice as it was expressed to us and also to each other.

oh, and I got to learn some of the basics of feather work too! :) What a bonus. Now I have a whole tin of feathers that I need to tie into bundles within this week so that we'll be able to work on the next step of the project before we have to leave for home!

(pictures will have to wait.)


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