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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Memed Twice, Actually... BassetKnitter

Important music in my life.. music that has made a deep and lasting impact or which encapsulates an important time of my life.

1. Cat's In the Cradle -- Eric Clapton
how I felt during much of my childhood

2. Always Something There to Remember -- ?
the song that was playing at the moment that my horse died from colic at the end of an excruciating 15 hours. Even still when this song plays on the radio (rare little air-time it gets these days, and rarer still that I'm listening to the radio..) I am transported back to the pain of that moment and the bittersweet memory of the time I had with her.

3. Pressure -- Billy Joel
how I felt during most of my academic life and early adult life out on my own.

4. What Happens Now --Evita soundtrack
The song that came un-bidden into my thoughts throughout the time that my ex (of a 13-year relationship) and I were breaking up.

5. Mary Ellen Carter -- Stan Rogers
A perpetual element in my life since the first time I heard it. It's the song that comes into my life each time I have to rebuild after a broken relationship, a lost friendship, a failed attempt at anything. This song, perhaps, more than any other is the one that defines me.

6. I Knew I Loved You -- Savage Garden
The song my husband and I chose for our wedding dance. I'd heard it play on the radio and came home to tell him I thought it would make a good song for us. He'd heard it, too, and had been meaning to tell me the same thing!


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