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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Stitchers import: CQJP August

Well, I found the variegated blue-and-purple thread that I used for my buttonhole loops, but not before I gave up looking for it and used a different thread! Ah well, isn't that the way life works? What do you think? does the yellow-and-orange make a good finish to the line? Heh! I'm okay with it, anyway.

I added a nice little blanket-stitch serpentine. I'm thinking of adding French knot or seed bead accents to the line when I have some more time. :)

Another tatted tidbit, this time worked in a braided metallic (gold) and a variegated green perle. The metallic doesn't show real well in the photo. It's pretty glitzy in real life.

And then I started experimenting with the TAST Double Linked Chain stitch. :) I wasn't impressed with this stitch from the look of it on the challenge post, and I wasn't particularly impressed with it when I worked it according to the instructions:

It's okay.. it just doesn't have the punch that I'd like. Maybe it would be better worked in a different thread, or with different proportions.
But it got me thinking about what I'd LIKE for it to look like. Then I played around with varying the construction method, and got these three results, all of which I particularly like! So the DLC itself isn't likely to be one of my go-to stitches, but these three variations I came up with sure are!

One last seam treatment, a stitch combo including chain, straight, and French knot stitches:
So that leaves me with an August wedge looking like:
I'm hoping to get some more stitching done on the purple stripes before the end of the month, but I still have a BJP mandala to stitch up too! ACK!! where does the time go?

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