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Friday, October 14, 2005


Laundromats are evil places, and yet somehow magical. They transcend the rules that apply to everyday reality and impose their own unfathomable, alchemical chains of cause-and-effect.

Case in point: I put 5 polo shirts, 4 blouses, and a sarong into one load of laundy at the laundromat yesterday. Naturally, (given the premise that laundromats are evil places) the white polo shirt came out of the dryer with strange blue gunk all over it which is definitely not lint and seems very unlikely to come out in a second wash. Not just one or two little spots at the hemline either, but a huge blotchy blue rash all over the sparkling pristine white pique.

The magical half of this equation is that ONLY the white shirt has this gunk on it. The pale grey shirts, blue shirts, purple blouses, and sarong are all miraculously normal.

I haven't yet counted the socks.


  • At Fri Oct 21, 05:10:00 PM PDT, Blogger Cheryl said…

    the big blue blotch wasn't fabric softner??

  • At Sat Oct 22, 11:58:00 AM PDT, Blogger Peacock said…

    It is definitely not fabric softener. :I ... on the other hand, when I pick at it with my fingernail, I can get it to peel off. So there is hope that running it through my washer at home will remove it.

    And a side note, it turns out it wasn't JUST that shirt that got the gunk stuck all over it, it just didn't show up on most of the other stuff (like my jeans).


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