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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

SP6 Incoming: Box 1

Dear Secret Pal 6,

Thank you!
The box you sent arrived last Thursday!! Just in time for me to open and appreciate it before I travelled! The timing was perfect!

What a fabulously decorated box!!! notes on the outside that give a wonderful clue to what lies within! Perfect! Very thoughtful!!

As for the contents, I couldn't be happier!

In fact, the sock yarn you sent was just perfect to take with me on the airplane! Small and light and full of possibility. I think I will make.... SOCKS!!
(And my wrists, while not completely healed yet, are letting me knit with tiny needles again!! Yay!!!)

I thought at first that I would follow the pattern that you included for cabled ankle socks! They look like a perfect choice for me: just the height that I usually wear my socks anyway!!! But it turns out that the pattern is written for sport weight instead of fingering weight, so it didn't match the yarn you sent without some adaptation (doubling the yarn would probably work but then the color progression would be affected.) So I brought the yarn with me and left the pattern at home. I will work with one at a time.

I've been lusting after Manos yarns for quite some time, but have never picked any up for myself. And look what's in the box!! a skein of Manos! The colors match the sock yarn so well that I briefly toyed with the idea of combining them into one project. That isn't happening, but maybe I will make projects that coordinate. .. Perhaps a warm winter hat to match my warm winter socks?

The mother-of-pearl picture frame is absolutely precious!! Gipsieee fell in love with it immediately, and since she has been kind enough to share her gifties with me, I couldn't refuse to share the shell picture frame (which I, also, adore!) with her. Besides, it was the only way I could get her to give the yarn back!! (teasing wink)

I was able to keep a firm grip on the heart-shaped sheet-holder! I love it!!! What luck that I had a brand new postcard from Rox! (Thank you, Rox!!!) just waiting to be displayed!

Also in the box were some lemon tea (oh, the aroma! would be just perfect for today if we weren't separated by 1200 miles...) six lightly scented candles, lightly scented body lotion and soap, a fun green scrubby (perfect! I had used my previous scrubby to death!) and some knitting-image blank-inside greeting cards! Just in time for holiday greetings!!!

Thank you for thinking of me! Your thought and effort really show! I couldn't be happier!



  • At Fri Oct 14, 08:10:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am so happy you liked the items. I enjoyed picking them all out for you. I am totally wrapped into the the idea of Peacocks. I grew up with them and loving the beauty of them. I can remember going to Fresno, CA to my Uncles home and every morning their front yard would be full of the colorful birds. Fanning and wondering. I apologize for the long delay but I am so glad you enjoyed them. Your Secret Pal

  • At Fri Oct 14, 08:58:00 AM PDT, Blogger Peacock said…

    No need to apologize! I wasn't any quicker at getting the first box out to my own spoilee. Sometimes life just imposes itself and you fall behind schedule. No worries. :)
    I am so glad that you're enjoying the exchange! (that much is obvious from the care you invested!!)
    I've made a good start on the first sock!! turning the heel! yay! (it's a short sock, just to be sure I don't run out of yarn and be forced to improvise.)

  • At Fri Oct 21, 07:27:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Another little package is going out to you tommorrow. It got delivered to my by accident. I hope you enjoy it!


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