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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Project Spectrum: A New Look

The sidebar image was nice... but so understated that it almost seemed to get lost! .. it's still there, and now (thanks to the coding help from my Oh-So-Proficient husband!) it changes the image every day for me. All I have to do to stay on top of it is to make sure the images exist when the sub-routine needs them! :)

So now that it's easy, I've decided that my blog can reflect the Image-Of-The-Day in a co-ordinating motif. :) I hope this doesn't drive anyone nuts!

I'm taking a teensy section of the main photo and cropping, tilting, mirroring, and otherwise manipulating it to create the day's background tile.

Clicking on the thumbnail version in the sidebar now shows you not only the larger version of the image, but also a bit of text about the image(s). .. in some instances the larger version will contain several images that are closely related. (If I'd had this much code behind the thing in the early days, you might not have been subjected to that many days of cherry tree photos! ;)

Please let me know what you think!


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