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Monday, June 05, 2006

Post 199: I'm doing Okay for now..

Thank you all so much for caring and for your thoughts and comfort--even the ones that went unmentioned. :) Believing that this blog and its readership are a social buoy, connection point, made a difference and helped me get through a very difficult week.

On the lighter side, the troubles I was coping with got settled out just barely enough and barely in time to allow the basic enjoyment of the NWRSA Annual Conference! (NorthWest Regional Spinners Association. The conference was close to home this year, in Tacoma, WA.)

I got to spin. I managed to tolerate the loud noises and constant energy. (I really don't care much for large groups lately). Bethieee was a good companion throughout the weekend. She really put a lot of energy and focus into being comfortable with me, and supportive of my needs and weaknesses, and I really appreciate that.

Bethieee and I shared a dorm room for the conference as planned and she helped me with all sorts of little things throughout the weekend-- for which I am extremely appreciative. My wheel is heavy with this injury! Bethieee was kind enough to carry it for me whenever it needed to be moved. Trays of food are really awkward to carry around while walking with a cane! She helped me carry what I couldn't, and walked slowly so I didn't have to walk alone.

It was good.

I'm currently exhausted. We got home at about 4pm today, and I went to sleep almost immediately. I woke up to put an ice pack on my ankle (which REALLY did not like that much walking!) and to take some painkillers. I'm fading fast now, and I'm going to be going back to sleep soon. But I wanted to say Hi and thank you. :) I want you to know that for now I am okay again.

... I'd like to get around to thriving soon, and I'm definitely falling short of that goal.. but I'm okay, and It feels like that assessment rests on a good foundation that isn't in threat of slipping anytime soon.

Hugs all.


  • At Mon Jun 05, 06:15:00 AM PDT, Blogger Stariel said…

    Glad you're doing better!

    I got your postcard and it's lovely, thanks so much!

  • At Wed Jun 07, 08:44:00 PM PDT, Blogger 'Zann said…

    Happy to read you got to the conference, but oh-so-sorry about your ankle! I like the notion of thriving as a goal. I may try that one for awhile myself. Spring days here in Indiana are achingly beautiful....

  • At Thu Jun 08, 08:00:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Tahlia: I mailed your package to you on Tuesday. Hope that when you get it you will get a nice smile on your face. Hope your week has been going well and that you are getting some rest. Hugs, SP8


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