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Monday, May 22, 2006

On the Other Hand...

Simply getting into the car wrong hurts like H*77!
I am finding that I really dislike furniture that comes in kneecap height. Beds, car seats (SUV variety), benches... bump my knee on them just often enough to really get irritated by it. Slightly higher wouldn't hurt my knee. Neither would slightly lower. Argh!
..almost tripped over a one-inch curb rise in the parking lot today. Thank goodness for decent peripheral vision! barely lucked out on that one.

(whine whine!)

I really don't comprehend how I can do a really good swing dance without problems, but can't get around my own hotel room without near-injury.

Ah well.

Made six postcards today. They need to be pressed flat before sending.

Worked on my tank top and on the fish. I have now officially worked on all of the projects I brought with me (and several purchased here)!

Tonight's post is #196. (If I don't keep track, I will forget to celebrate #200! ... hmmm... what shall I do to celebrate, I wonder....)


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