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Monday, May 29, 2006

Post 197: Things Are Falling Apart Around Here...

I'm not of a mind to post details, but this weekend has involved an avalanche of very difficult circumstances. The only one of which I will lay out specifically is that last night I tripped off a porch step and sprained my right ankle moderately and stressed my left knee (with the ACL tear) minorly.

Most of the rest of the avalanche has not been physical, but it has hurt just as much in its own way.

I will likely be not posting for a while as I try to cope with things offline. E-mails are welcome.

I will get the May postcards out in tomorrow's mail. I am sorry for the delays.

I will consider whether to ask for an angel to replace me in SP8. If I can get my metaphorical feet back under me within a week, I would like to stay involved with the exchange. If I cannot, it seems only proper to hand my spoilee's care over to someone who can.

Hugs all.


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