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Thursday, August 31, 2006

SP8! You Weren't Kidding!

When my SP8 spoiler wrote a week ago to say it was a good thing I'd sent out so many packages because they'd just about make room for what was coming in... well... I laughed and wondered if maybe it were an exaggeration. It wasn't!

She admonished me against lifting the box myself: for the sake of my healing knee, I was to enlist the aid of my mother and my husband to get the box inside the door and get it opened.

Wait til you see what was inside!! I've only opened the one primary huge thing, and OHMYWORD!!! How COULD you??? I *love* him!! :) lovehimlovehimlovehim!!

And he wasn't the only thing??????

Now, I thought that *I* knew how to go completely overboard and spoil someone silly... (and I think that people who've been spoiled by me might know what I mean!) .. but this goes above and beyond and it sets a new bar!

On top of everything you've done already? I just... I just... wow. Thank you!!!

And there is more! :)

Since I got my doctor's clearance to start PT again, and to be up and around on my leg as much as it will tolerate, I'm back into the too many places to be mode, and moving so slowly that three appointments takes all day! (argh) .. SO--I'm gonna open one of the package components each day until I run out. ... should last at least a week! (I didn't count)

THANK YOU!! ThankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankYOU!! :)

Pictures when I get a chance. argh.


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