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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday:

Today I am sore. Very sore. But I finally have come out of the pain-and-medicine-induced fog enough to start wandering about on the internet, looking at friends' blogs again (which I haven't done since April, please forgive me!) I am looking forward to finding out what you have all been up to!

I also have *almost* enough energy and coherent thought to start writing some of my LONG OVERDUE blog posts! Things like *proper* thank you notes with pictures and stuff! (of which I have a backlog dating back into January, can you believe it?) Thank you so very very much to everyone who has stayed in contact with me through these difficult times, and hopefully I will be able to do wonderful stuff again soon! Like walk without crutches, eat without nausea, and sleep without pain.

I am turning the heel on my first Indie sock! :)
I have completed one ball of my 3-ball Kureyon shawl! :)

I am *really* liking this GetWell yarn stash! :) :) :) My very own special wonderful pile of hugs!!

Oh! and thank you, Juli! for the fabulous books you sent! Erma Bombeck is a wonderful writer and humorist and is certain to bring me smiles despite my physical discomfort and pain! and I am looking forward to the Sudoku puzzles when my hands need a break from knitting, and as a wind-down before bed activity! :) How fabulous of you to spoil -me- when I'm YOUR SP8 spoiler! ;)

Hugs all.. something new tomorrow.


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