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Thursday, August 24, 2006

So It Turns Out...

yesterday I had my first guest!! (not counting my mother who has been helping since just prior to surgery)

My first real calls-up-on-the-phone(well, email actually)-to ask-if-I'd-like-a-visitor-tonight Visitor! :)

And she brought Yummy Snacks!! from Uwajimaya grocery (if you don't have one near you, they are this fabulous Asian market with oh-so-fabulous fascinating treats like mochi ice cream and banana samosa! ... and oh-so-acquired-taste things like rose flavored toasted melon seeds!)

We had a wonderful supper of try it and see if you like it foods (most were a smashing hit. The lady has good taste!)


  • At Mon Aug 28, 04:36:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Cool.......That is wonderful.....I hope you enjoyed the visit. You are sounding so great these days. Keep smiling, it looks good on you. SP*


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