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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So I'm Looking For A Project.....

(having lost my sock at Norwescon, finished a summer top from a cheap ribbon yarn, finished a simple moebius strip shoulder wrap during two movies recently, and not really ready yet to start tackling some of the projects that got set aside in the wake of the injury and related turmoil)

...and I am most delighted to find that I still have several skeins of Get Well Yarn that haven't yet been made into projects! So I hugged those skeins and tucked them aside with a refreshed sense of joy at the projects that await me. :)

I found several projects-in-progress that will stay hidden away in dark corners for a while longer before I decide whether to finish them or rip them back...

...and I found lots of balls of a lovely soft green mohair lace yarn and a lace shawl pattern from (I think it was) Interweave Knits! .. and several balls of beautiful purple alpaca that came with the same package!! What a fabulous surprise!! I had forgotten all about my plan to make the shawl this spring! ...I guess I missed spring, actually, but summer is still a great time to work on a lace project! ...

so I got on my blog and started looking for the back post Thank You note from when this yarn came in... and was horrified to find that I don't think one ever got written!! ARGH!!!! omg! Now I *know* that I sent a thank-you e-mail... (but then, I *knew* I'd written a thank-you post, too! so if I didn't write the e-mail either, boy do I feel sheepish!)

...but it's time to say THANK YOU! again! I was delighted, of course, when the yarn and pattern first arrived (and I think there were other wonderful goodies in the same box, actually!) ... and if memory serves me right (which may or may not be the case, apparently), they were a gift from my SP8, Lacy! ... You remember Lacy, of course-- Lacy sent Flash!! :)

Anyway.. I'd post a picture, but my digicam is still awol. :P

and I can't place a pointer at my previous thank-you post because, apparently, it didn't get posted. well, there's no time like the present! Thank You, Lacy!! I'm so excited to start knitting up the green lace shawl!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer Gets SO Busy!

...and I've misplaced my digital camera, so until I find it again I can't share pictures of my latest endeavors.

Ah well. NWRSA annual conference last weekend was a blast. :) I entered four skeins of my handspun yarn for judging and got a first-place ribbon for each one! wow! I hadn't thought they were *that* good..

I managed to get my exchange fiber projects finished on time, and will have to post pictures of them when I can find the pictures that I took. (those would be somewhere on my computer, not my camera.. my husband transferred them for me and now I need to figure out where they got put.) I haven't heard from the recipient, so I don't know whether she loves it or not, but I enjoyed making it. I entered again this year and got fiber from someone I actually know! It's going to be really fun to work on this year's exchange, knowing who it will be going to!

Right now, fiber-wise, I am very busy. I have one fleece in the washtub (and at least four more that will need washing), yarn in a dyepot, workshops to plan for, and at least four active projects on the needles. I'm also finishing up a spinning project that I started before my knee injury (and can finally work on again!) and am almost well enough to finally entertain the idea of working on a weaving project on the big loom. (pressing the treadles for my loom is pretty demanding on my knee.)

I'm still playing catch-up on all the household chores that got delayed because of the injury, but at least I'm starting to feel like I'm making *some* progress again! I got some of the azalea bushes trimmed back from the wall (and into the dyepot they went), and I got one tiny corner of my bulb-bed groomed, but I still have a *LOT* more to do, and I wonder whether I will be able to complete it by winter or whether it will all be waiting for me again next spring.