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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer Gets SO Busy!

...and I've misplaced my digital camera, so until I find it again I can't share pictures of my latest endeavors.

Ah well. NWRSA annual conference last weekend was a blast. :) I entered four skeins of my handspun yarn for judging and got a first-place ribbon for each one! wow! I hadn't thought they were *that* good..

I managed to get my exchange fiber projects finished on time, and will have to post pictures of them when I can find the pictures that I took. (those would be somewhere on my computer, not my camera.. my husband transferred them for me and now I need to figure out where they got put.) I haven't heard from the recipient, so I don't know whether she loves it or not, but I enjoyed making it. I entered again this year and got fiber from someone I actually know! It's going to be really fun to work on this year's exchange, knowing who it will be going to!

Right now, fiber-wise, I am very busy. I have one fleece in the washtub (and at least four more that will need washing), yarn in a dyepot, workshops to plan for, and at least four active projects on the needles. I'm also finishing up a spinning project that I started before my knee injury (and can finally work on again!) and am almost well enough to finally entertain the idea of working on a weaving project on the big loom. (pressing the treadles for my loom is pretty demanding on my knee.)

I'm still playing catch-up on all the household chores that got delayed because of the injury, but at least I'm starting to feel like I'm making *some* progress again! I got some of the azalea bushes trimmed back from the wall (and into the dyepot they went), and I got one tiny corner of my bulb-bed groomed, but I still have a *LOT* more to do, and I wonder whether I will be able to complete it by winter or whether it will all be waiting for me again next spring.


  • At Mon Jun 11, 02:55:00 PM PDT, Blogger Paula said…

    Congrats on getting first-place on your handspun yarn!!!
    That is great!

  • At Mon Jun 11, 05:03:00 PM PDT, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Wow, 4 Firsts, that's wonderful!!! It is the first month of Winter here, and the bulbs are flowering. The climate is definitely changing, Spring is still 2 1/2 months away. Glad the knee feels better!!!


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