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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Some Days Are Like That...

Some days you just don't want to get out of bed.
Some days you want to find a small, defensible space to curl up in.
Some days you need a big comfy blanket.
Some days you just can't cope without a silly hat.
Some days a nap makes things All Better.

This has been one of those weeks.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

OrnaMental update

I just got the most absolutely wonderful thank you note ever! From my OrnaMental recipient Paula.

I made some fabulous treat pouches for her family (pets and all!) to hang on the tree. I was worried that maybe they'd be too cutsie or too homemade or too over-the-top or not cutsie enough, or not homemade enough, or... anyway, I got (as I often do) a little insecure.

But it's what I wanted to do, and I put my heart into doing it.
It turns out I don't have fabulous pictures of them, but she does!

And not only did the gifties turn out to be Just Right, but they also managed to contain a good measure of Holiday Magic! Reminiscences and Connection and Essence of Family.. all of the essential things that are just SO difficult to encapsulate in physical form!

I am in awe of the Power of Giving and am truly grateful for the ways it enriches our lives.

Thank you, Paula, for letting me be part of your holiday! And thank you all for being part of my internet community. For listening and for commenting and for advising and supporting... This blog has become so much more than I expected it to be, and you have all helped me learn and grow and share and feel connected.

Happy Holidays!!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas Card!

I got the most fabulous Christmas Card today from Indieknits, my giftie recipient in the SP5 exchange! What an absolutely unexpected treasure!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Socks AND Wristies!

Remember last post?

The one in which I happily showed off the socks I finished from the lovely Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn I received from my oh-so-fabulous Secret Pal 6?

(no name yet.. I'm on tenterhooks waiting for the reveal! and for the maybe one more package I've heard a rumor about.. (giggle!) .. nope, not in the mailbox yet! (grin) I'm so excited, it's almost like Christmas!... oh, wait, it IS almost like Christmas... (giggle) well anyway, my Secret Pal 6 hinted that there MIGHT be one more box coming my way, and I'm checking the mail box every day, just in case... ... ... Gipsieee got brownies from Mia, and boy were THEY good!! yumyumYUMallgone!... (singsong voice: Imightgetapresent! Imightgetapresent!) ... in fact, I might be getting something soon from my OrnaMental exchange person too! Whee!!! and I just recently got those fabulous socks from Cindy I posted about and.... It's almost like Christmas!! (giggle))

anyway, Oops! sorry for the silly digression.

What I was beginning to say was:
Remember the previous post where I shared the fabulous socks from the yarn my SP6 sent and I had some left over and was wondering whether I could get wristies from it too?

If you've read the title of This post, you probably already know the surprise answer: I DID get wristies too!! not just little short wristies, but fingerless mitt wristies!

I'm very very happy with them and I even have a little bit of yarn left over for future mending (if it doesn't end up in Gipsieee's hands first!)

The socks have already been through the wash once (cold wash, flat dry) and they came out even softer than they went in, and just as lovely! The colors muted and lightened just a touch (which is really only noticeable alongside the wristies which haven't yet been through the wash) which means that I've been gently reminded to always do the first wash by themselves, by hand so that there's no risk of color-bleed onto anything else! In this case, that wasn't an issue--nothing else in the wash was affected.

So thank you again, SP6, whomever you are!! I am very much looking forward to your reveal! >>Hugs!!<<

Friday, December 02, 2005

Sock Season

It's the season for socks. Brrr! It's so cold outside!! Yesterday we had lots of snow and my feet were quite grateful for the warm toasty socks my SET knitter, Cindy, sent me!

I've also been knitting away on the lovely sock yarn that my current SP6 pal sent, and they are done!! I love them! They are a good height, and I love the colors! I worked them on size 2 needles and am happy with the gauge and the fit. :)

The best part: There's enough yarn left over that I think I can get matching wristies!!! Yay!!!

The one thing I would do differently next time: I will make gussetted heels instead of short-row because the gussetted heels do less slipping around on my feet.

Thank you again, Secret Pal!! Thank you so much for being my benefactor this round! You've been fabulous! I can hardly wait to find out who you are!!!