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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Secret Pal 6 - Box 3 !

Wow. Generosity knows no bounds.

Yesterday I told you about the wonderful box that arrived from my Secret Pal on Friday. Today I get to tell you about yet another box! and a fabulous Halloween card. :)

I'm pretty certain that I have mentioned at least a couple of times how much I love things that sparkle, shine, and glow. I may also have mentioned how much I adore things that are opalescent like soap bubbles glinting on a spring breeze or the holographic side of a CD. Once, my sweetie wrapped up a present for me in holographic wrapping paper with shiny irridescent ribbons and bows, and honestly! I think I may well have loved that box at least as much as I loved what was inside! But I digress. I love shimmery sparkly things.

On Friday, I went out to my mailbox and peeked inside, and WOW!! talk about surprises! I had only JUST recieved a box from my Secret Pal the day before, and here, staring me in the face, was a bright orange envelope from none other than: My Secret Pal!! Oh happy day!!!

In my excitement and happiness, I tucked all the other mail under my arm and ripped that envelope open at once!

Now it just so happens that my mail was delivered in the mid-afternoon, and by the time I'd gotten around to walking the dog and raiding my mailbox, the sun was at a very low angle. It also happens that I was walking in such a direction that the sun was behind me. This means that the light of the sun, travelling at 299,792,458 meters per second, was shooting directly over my shoulder. I never had a chance.

I pulled out the fabulous card that my Secret Pal had sent me, and the Ghosts, animated by the evening sunlight, darted straight into my eyes. Owwie!! I was blinded!

Let this be a lesson to all: be extremely cautious when opening holiday cards outdoors on a sunny day.

(photographed with and without flash)

Now that I can see again (grin) I love these ghosties!!!


On Monday, yet Another box arrived, also from my Secret Pal! (I tell you, I really do have the bestest secret pal ever!)

Having learned my lesson from the ghosties, I waited patiently for the rest of my household to come home before opening the box. Hey, it's good to have someone around just in case one needs to call 911 after being blinded by ghosties! ;) And that was just an envelope! Who knows what dangers might lurk inside a seemingly innocent Box!

Inside the box was lovely blue and white tissue paper, and nestled within the colorful nest was:

A set of Zephyr stitch markers! Personalized just for me!!

Thank You Secret Pal! I love them! You made an excellent choice!!! They are so silly and they make me chuckle everytime I see them! Thank you for being the wonderful Secret Pal that you are!


  • At Wed Nov 09, 07:50:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am so happy you liked them. I discovered Zephyer markers and even though I can make them. I could not make them so personalized like these. These were to fun to get for you.

    BTW - the halloween card I was a fraid that I might offend some but I just love the ghosties on the card. As for opalesinse (spelling sucks) and shine things.. YOU and ME both. I love them. I am happy you have enjoyed all the items.

    Your Secret Pal


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