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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Serenity, a Knitted Review

So I went to see Serenity with a bunch of friends (there were 30 of us for that showing) on opening night. (I loved it, as did all 29 of my friends.) I arrived only shortly before the movie, so I didn't have much time to spend in line playing cards and yapping (more's the pity), but I brought my knitting anyway. Not a complicated project: I left the lace at home, I left the size 1 needles at home, I left the fuzzy mohair at home. I brought a simple project that I could knit in the dark: the pair of Fisherman's Wool (natural dyed) knee socks for myself for Renaissance Faire.

* *

As you can see, the knitted review ends about half an hour before the end of the movie. In a particularly bright scene, I happened to look down and noticed a significant problem:

I guess I knit faster when the movie is exciting.


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