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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

SP8 box 2 !

I think that I also didn't get around to showing pictures of the absolutely AMAZING box of goodies that arrived from my SP8 spoiler just before I headed to Portland. .. Hours before I headed off to Portland, in fact.

Let me just say that had not been the best day for me (in a long string of not-the-best-day s) and your package, dear spoiler, made me smile to a depth I'd been wondering whether I was still capable of.

I almost missed the package, actually.. I'd planned to leave the house a day earlier, but I fell behind schedule (happens a lot lately. Knee slows things waaaaay down.) so I was still home, packing, when the box arrived!

The first thing I remember thinking when I opened it was, "How does so much goodness fit in a box this small?!"

And then I started unwrapping. Could it get any better??!

I just *love* this water bottle!! It shows a sheep with it's fleece being unravelled into a ball of yarn, and the motto above says, "Feeling Unravelled? Knit!"

I haven't been without it since it arrived. I cannot tell you how many people have complimented me on it! It has been drooled upon by spinners in Portland and in Snohomish, laughed at by exercizers at the gym, and winced at by bookstore patrons. It is my very favorite accessory these days, and I really love the pop-up-top to drink from!

Then I found These!! Rosewood needles!!! :) Oh how I have drooled over sets of needles like these in the stores, but I never quite worked up a reason to pamper myself with them! I do hope you got a good sale on these treasures!! they don't come cheap! (hughughughughug!) ... I think I am going to knit myself a stole for winter on these.. just because I love them so much! :)

And stitch markers!!! I do love stitch markers... :) .. and these are just the bomb! "beg of rnd", "ssk", "k2tog" !! so clever! ... and gorgeous besides! :)

At some point you have to start wondering how much generosity and insight one person can be blessed with! Every single thing my SP8 spoiler has ever sent has been absolutely knock-down perfect! ... and there was still more to unwrap! No kidding!!

Two balls of sock yarn!!! yay sock yarn! I love the colorway. :) These two skeins will go into my special Knee-Recovery knitting box! ... at this point I'll be able to knit my way through the painful part even if it lasts a year! ;)

And the latest issue of Interweave Knits! :) I just LOVE how my SP8 spoiler thought to include one issue in each box! I never know for sure if a magazine is going to arrive, or which one it will be.. and each one has had at least one pattern I am just itching to start on! Last box had that beautiful lace shawl...

This one has an oh-so-cute shell! I can't see finishing it before the end of this summer... but now I am already looking forward to next summer! :)


  • At Wed Aug 02, 01:01:00 AM PDT, Blogger Laura said…

    What a fantastic Secret Pal you have! I'm very jealous of the water bottle, the fact, everything!

  • At Wed Aug 02, 09:56:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Peacock: So glad that you enjoyed all of the things that I had so much fun selecting for you. And totally glad that your spirits were raised a few notches. You need that. What wonderful roses and baloons your hubby had waiting for you. In your list of close friends, start with him at the top of the list. I think about the broken spindle and how you were able to repair it. Of course it will never be like it was, but it will function for you and you have figured out how to repair it so I am confident you will figure out how to repair the other emotional damages that have come your way. Decisions to make some changes are in store and you will be able to accomplish that with the help of your best friend (your hubby). Take a little at a time and things will begin to gel in your new life and you do know that many times things get much better so look forward to the better years of your lives. Love, SP8


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