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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Welcome Home

The night I returned from Portland, I asked for a welcome-home party. I'd been asking for some sort of party in my honor to lift my spirits and confirm my friendships since Memorial Day Weekend. Instead of having friendships and support confirmed, I found them collapsing and turning away. That's why I went to Portland in the first place and stayed for a week and a half --to give the drama in Seattle a chance to die down a bit.

But on the 24th, a gesture or two was made that kindled hope. And I asked (again) for a party in my honor-- this time a welcome-home party.

And once again, certain persons refused that request. 4 hours extra was apparently too long for those persons to invest in me. They had other things to do with their time. .. and with the time that has elapsed since.

On the other hand...

My husband loves me!! :)
When I did arrive home (at 2am after driving for 4 hours) this is what I found waiting for me:

A dozen red roses!

A floor full of festive balloons!!

and the cutest mylar balloon ever!!!

(I took one of the roses with me to the room I stayed in for the dye workshop. :)

And of course, best of all, my husband himself with a great big huge enfolding hug and the words, "I missed you. Welcome home."

I am making a lot of decisions right now about who will hold my trust, who I will share my heart and soul with, and who will be active influences in my future. I am unceasingly glad that my husband remains at the top of that list. :)


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