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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday: All About The Knees...

Aren't the incision sites lovely? I figured now that they're not so gross anymore it'd be fair to show a picture of them.

It's still all about the knees these days... my range of motion is increasing, my mobility is increasing, my pain is decreasing, but I'm still slower than a snail, and I'm still stiff and achey most of the time.

The swelling is still really pronounced, and today my physical therapist commented on it and asked if I'm regularly icing my knee (I am), and whether I'm spending enough time with my knee elevated above my heart. Hah! Have *you* tried sitting at your computer with your knee above your heart lately?? hmpf. ... so I guess it's more books, more knitting, more television, and less time at the computer for me for the next few days or weeks until the swelling goes down a bit. (sigh)

Which is sad because I *just today* made my first foray back into the real Blog world.. which is to say reading other people's blogs! I have a *lot* of catching up to do because basically I haven't been reading anyone else's since mid-April or early-May when everything started to go so very wrong for me.

Today I caught up on Zann's blog! What a wonderful treat to see how much beauty and creativity she is generating in the midst of her turmoil! She is truly an inspiration to me as well as a genuine friend.


  • At Fri Sep 08, 09:56:00 AM PDT, Blogger Lacy Zigzag said…

    Wow, that knee looks great! Yes it is still swollen, but gosh, I am impressed as I know you are as well. You are making giant steps in your healing process. That's so wonderful! Bright days await you ahead! Hugs, Lacy


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