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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Thank You Zann!

Today's first post from the Vase-of-Destiny...

A thank-you note for Zann!!! :)

Zann was my oh-so-easy-to-spoil recipient for SP7, and she had quite a rough blow last March, from which she is still having difficult days more often than any person ought to need experience. Last March she lost her beloved son, Patrick, which is the worst thing a mother can possibly endure, and she and her family are still reeling from the daily emptiness.

Throughout her challenges, Zann has become quite a dear friend, sharing her all-too-rare ups and her struggles with the downs, and that would be quite enough to thank her for, especially these days when I have been struggling with my own ups and downs.

But even more than that, she managed to send me quite a delightful box of goodies to help encourage me through the pain of knee surgery and recovery! It came in the mail two days before surgery, but I was being kept so busy with last-minute appointments that I waited to open the box until the day I came home from the hospital (the day of surgery since it was an arthroscopic outpatient procedure).

Worn out from the surgery, and in a lot of pain (not to mention heavily medicated and still recovering from the anesthesia), I quiicky grabbed my favorite part and fell fast asleep.

Later, I got a chance to enjoy the other contents of the box:

The Isis Shawl, knitted by Zann herself--one of seven she knitted in Patrick's memory!!--which was my favorite of all the things she sent, and has been my favorite warm-and-cozy wrap these days. :)

A beautiful turned-wood kaleidoscope with an acrylic rod filled with sparkly things! Made by an artist Zann knows! I *love* kaleidoscopes!! If I had more of them, they'd be something I collect! ... I had my first kaleidoscope when I was about 6, and I used to stare into it for hours. Some day I may try my hand at making a kaleidoscope, even.. but right now I just stare into them whenever I get a chance and drool over the exquisite worksmanship of some of the more beautiful (and thus more expensive, usually) ones! This is definitely an exquisite one, and I hope it wasn't too unbearably costly! I love it!!

A book of _Cherubs_! It had been a gift from her other son, Sean, and the both of them sent it to me since I love Valentine's day and could use some guardian angels in my life! How thoughtful and sweet is that?! Thank you both!

A little silver star to wish on.. which must have worked because I am feeling so very much better each day! It will go on my holiday tree come November, and until then will hang from one of my drawer pulls. :)

And a most wonderful card, the picture of which is a reproduction of the wonderful mural of helping hands that graces Zann's church where the services for Patrick were held. :) Inside, a lovely message telling me all about these wonderful things and the reasons she chose them!

Thank you, Zann!!


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