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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thank You Indie!

Today's first thank-you note (I'm hoping to write more than one, y'see...) doesn't come out of the Vase of Destiny.. it comes right off my needles!

The first pair of Get-Well socks is complete!

what you might notice from the pictures (I can certainly tell from wearing them!) is that one sock is a looser gauge than the other. Somewhere along the way my tension eased up a bit, and the second sock is downright floppy, whereas the first sock is almost stiff it's so tight! ... They'd probably both benefit from meeting in the middle, somehow. argh. ... both were done on the very same needle--it's just my tensioning that changed.

At some point, I think I might undo and reknit one or both, but for now they can be a haphazard not-quite-matched first pair of wearable Get Well socks! :) .. and I'll figure out which one I like better before I go to the trouble of redoing them.

Thank you, Indie!


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