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Saturday, September 09, 2006


Yes, Mia, there is still part of you in the Jar of Destiny. (chuckle!) ... so you've made a partial escape. ;)

I had a cute little plan to show my SP8 reveal box yesterday, but ran out of time. My knee makes everything slow! argh!! (Yes, Lacy.. I am definitely impressed by my recovery curve! as for big strides, though,... they have to wait for awhile still)

This weekend I am enjoying Shrewsbury Fair .. or at least, I am hoping to enjoy Shrewsbury fair, if my knee lets me.. it hasn't enjoyed the drive to get here and it *really* didn't enjoy getting kicked by a waiter earlier this evening. .. I feel like I should be sequestered at home still with a big wreath on the door that says "Quarantined: bad mood may be contagious."

Of course, I'm only in a bad mood when I'm hurting.. which has been blessedly less (even with the kick earlier today .. (it was an accident, or I would have kicked back.)) post-surgery than it was for most of my pre-surgery months. .. but it's still high enough to limit me a lot, and today it was high enough for pain-killers (even before the kick.) .. (in all fairness it wasn't so much a kick as an accidental tripping over my foot.. but it sent a jarring pain straight up into my kneecap, and I barely managed to force a smile as I tried to breathe through the pain.)

Anyway.. it may be another couple of days (almost a week, maybe) before I get set up to do pictures again in my posts...

but I'll try to keep Y'all entertained with my stylish wit and sense of humor instead. ;)

Oh!! Check out these fab socks that Basset Knitter (aka Paula) made for her husband!! (I take a wee bit of personal pride, since one of the yarns she used is a mohair-wool blend from my dyepot!)

I'm always so happy to see what becomes of the yarns I send out! In other knitters' hands they become such incredibly beautiful projects!

Basset Knitter was my spoilee in last years OrnaMental ornament exchange hosted by Rox! (I've heard rumors there will be a second OrnaMental soon for this holiday season... I can hardly wait! ... oooh.. I think I still need to post pictures of the Ornament I got from my spoiler last year! OOPS! Please forgive me, Stripey Tiger!!)


  • At Sat Sep 09, 07:54:00 AM PDT, Blogger Lacy Zigzag said…

    Peacock; I wanted to comment on the Fearless Knitter's blog, but how???? I want a pair of those shoes. OMGOSG they are adorable and could be worn to all of my knitting gatherings. What would a closet be without shoes like that? lol

  • At Sat Sep 09, 07:57:00 AM PDT, Blogger Lacy Zigzag said…

    I love those socks!!! You are going to need to give me tips about dying yarn. I haven't done that yet. I'm a little afraid.....the drumroll beats and wish I had someone to hold my Too bad the waitress tripped on your foot. Things that we would never notice before can send us over the edge with an injury. But really you are on the go and enjoying life so much these days. I worry I will never be able to keep up with you when you are totally healed :-) Keep it up

  • At Thu Sep 14, 12:35:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Rox said…

    Hey Chick. Yeah... I know.... you have been cussing me. Don't deny it... its totally deserved!

    First... you send me the sweetest little peacock coaster and I don't think I ever posted about on the blog (me...bad). Its sitting on my kitchen counter, along with the candy... awaiting my photo! And... it rocked!

    Then.... apparently there are issues with comments on my blog. And we all know what a sad slacker email responder girl I am!

    But.... just wanted you to know... that I havent forgotten you ... and am thinking about you and stuff. Really!!!

    Will drop you a long, boring email this weekend. Be afraid!!!

    And Lacy...Zig... email me!!


  • At Sun Sep 17, 04:17:00 AM PDT, Blogger Paula said…

    Hey, Bad waitress! No tip!

    I just loved that yarn! So soft.
    I just used up a bit more of it making a pair of rose socks for me! And I plan on using up the last wee bit of it on a pair of rose mittens this week!

    I hope you heal with less pain now.
    My hubby goes into surgery on his knee this friday.


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