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Monday, November 06, 2006

SP9 Thank You!!

On Saturday I opened my mailbox to find the most amazing package! Yay!!! A package from my current Secret Pal! :)

So many good things to keep me warm!
Gingerbread!! (speaking of which, I'm going to go warm up a slice in my toaster oven, spread some butter on it, and have it alongside a scoop of ice cream! YUM!!!) Home-baked Gingerbread!!!!! :)
Chai Tea!
Really pretty ocean and world themed wrapping paper! (just the thing for my current ATC and Postcard crafting kick!)
The cutest hand-made paper card with flip-flop design! (hand-made by Three Marias)
A really nice business-card holder also by Three Marias! This will be indispensible next time I go to a fiber event! ..
Hand-Knit LEG WARMERS!!!!! really nice cozy leg warmers! (the rolled-up bundles in the upper left corner of the picture) Beautiful color, and they fit wonderfully! They will be my best friends this winter--my knee is already pitching a fit every time the weather turns cold or intense-- and then they will be so nice to wear during warm-up on the ice when I finally get to go skating again!
A felted (also hand-knit!) ear-flap/headband! Perfect to wear when the wind is blowing! The felting makes them much more protective against the wind than my previous head-band had been!
AND!! a Hand-Knit pair of Alpaca driving mitts! :) ((I can never have too many pair of driving mitts! .. one by the computer, one for each car, one in my coat pocket (each coat) for when I'm out walking.. one to loan to a friend, one for my skating bag (when I get to skate again..)) These alpaca mitts are crochetted! and so very toasty that I think I will need to wait for the weather to get colder before I can wear them very much! :) .. they will be perfect for keeping my hands from freezing before the car's heater warms up, though! and the cars already have frost on them in the mornings now.

Thank you so much! I feel very pampered with all of these wonderful hand-made gifties! (PS--I verified your location from your zip code. ;) .. now I just need to start going through the list of all participants and eliminate the ones who can't be you.... )


  • At Tue Nov 07, 01:16:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Glad you liked the box!
    2 things - the bread is a banana nut (hope you're not allergic to walnuts).. and I hope you didn't miss the thing I think is the totally coolest thing in the box -- the "hermetically sealing" DPN holder from Woolworks!

    That's a lot of blogs to go through to figure it out... I might be near the bottom!


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