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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Let Me Introduce You to FLASH!

This is the very last thing from my SP8's reveal package.. and it rocks the house. It is one of *THE* best presents I have *ever* received!! (right up there with the Isis shawl from Zann! and... the unexpected get well yarn from Mia! and ... okay, so every little thing I get is "the best!" for at least it's own brief shining moment.. but... how do you pick favorites, anyway?? Is it possible to say this is "the best!" without hurting someone else's feelings or putting extra pressure on someone trying to pick something "perfect" in the future??)

It's taken me a long long time to find the words to say Thank You for this one.. and I think I'm still tonghue-tied!

I followed the instructions provided, and let my husband do the work of lifting and assembly:

Ohmigosh!! I forgot to say Thank you for the 4 fabulous pairs of (storebought and oh-so-cute!) socks that Flash was wearing!!! I absolutely love them! I've already worn each of them more than once and I am just so happy with the way they fit! and with the fabulously fun colors and patterns!! Thank You!

The first thing Flash did was introduce himself to his cousin-- a little (as yet unnamed) brass peacock I made in a metal-working class during my pursuit of my art degree at UW! I really love the way the makers of Flash solved the challenge of getting his tail feathers to spread and stay spread! --there is a little dowel that slips through all the feathers in their spread position!! .. My own little flashette critter solves the same challenge by spreading like a fan, with a string running through the feather spread. (unfortunately, the thread wears out and needs to be replaced much too frequently. .. also, if I made my little peacock again, I'd put him onto a base to help him stand in all of his positions (his tail goes up into a spread or stays down in either a half-spread or collected position. I'll have to take better pictures of him to share with you.)

My SP8 spoiler *DEFINITELY* went over-budget with this one! Ohmigosh!!! Thank you *SO* very very much!! .. Beth had shown me the link to Flash about a year ago, but she had absolutely no intention of splurging on him for me.. and for that matter, I hadn't yet brought *myself* around to splurging on him, even though I fell in love with him on first sight!! .. I CAN'T BELIEVE HE CAME TO LIVE WITH ME!!!! ... (and I can't *believe* you splurged on him for me, Lacy!! ... I just can't believe it. You did so very very much for me over the three months you were my spoiler, and I am still in shock from your over-the-top reveal!!! I look forward to staying in touch with you-- you have been so incredibly thoughtful with your emails and notes and amazing gifts! You made such a HUGE difference in my life! HUGE!! .. You were an unbelievably generous and compassionate spoiler during three most-difficult months of my life, and I really can't thank you enough! Thank you for geing so kind and generous! I look forward to a long friendship (the next move of which rests on my own shoulders.. like visiting your blog and making comments, writing you emails, sending a proper thank you... all that wonderful stuff!) with you!

ThankyouThankyouTHANKYOU!!! he really is the best present Ever!!! :)

And one last thank you! -- Flash, sitting in his pride-of-place perch on my fireplace hearth, dressed up in three of my Spectrum colorway socks! and the pair of socks from my SockapalOOOza Angel!! (look! the carpet is even clean for this picture!! no dust and fur-balls along the edge of the brick!!)

Thank you, Lacy!! and thank you Spectrum sock yarn pals!! and thank you SockapalOOOza angel! and thank you everyone who has been kind and generous in all your assorted ways!!!



  • At Mon Oct 23, 03:17:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Rox said…

    Uhm.... WOWSA!!! So very cool!!

  • At Fri Oct 27, 12:16:00 PM PDT, Blogger Lacy Zigzag said…

    Peacock: You have to understand that FLASH was my dream to own for myself and so I ordered him. He was an orphin and looking for the perfect home. I thought that I would be able to provide the perfect home for FLASH, but he was a bit bigger than would fit in my home and well I had you for my SP and yes I knew it was over the edge, but I thought that you deserved it with all of the trials you had been going through with your knee injury and well that other things as well. So really it isn't over the edge, it was just lucky that I was able to find something so appropriate. I love the little one that you made. It is so cute and well, that is the size I can accomodate. What was I thinking . I guess I thought it was smaller. It was totally my pleasure to spoil you. It was a time in your life when you needed a little extra spoiling and I am glad I was there for you. Now, I hope we are friend for a very long time. How about a cruise on April 30 to May 5 leaving out of LA to Vancouver. You would maybe enjoy that one. Let me know if you want more details. Lucy will be able to come back from Costa Rica to go. Fun Fun Fun. Mostly socks so I have to get going on them. Hugs, Lacy...ADA Chrissy

  • At Sat Oct 28, 05:13:00 PM PDT, Blogger Paula said…

    That is just the coolest sock blocker I have ever seen!!!!


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