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Friday, October 27, 2006

I Can't Believe They WORKED!!

Footwear might well be the hardest part of a costume to find or put together! In my experience, the right footwear is almost impossible, especially if you also want it to fit properly and comfortably!

Halloween is right around the corner (3 sewing days left! YIPE!) and I don't currently fit into any of my previous costumes.. something about those extra pounds I've put on this year.

Plus, I need to do something that accommodates my injury.

So! I am planning to be an injured fairy.. with splinted leg and wings.

(This plan relies heavily on my getting the sewing done this weekend! YIPE I say!!)

Two weeks out, I realized that one of the make-or-break pieces of costumery for this endeavor would be the footwear! and that I would not be likely to find appropriate footwear at a second-hand store or costume shop or ..really.. anywhere! at least, not for a reasonable price for a costume piece! that would also be comfortable and fit properly!


I decided to knit-and-felt a pair of fancy slippers for myself!

I approached this task the way I do most of my design work.. with a prayer to the appropriate deity and a Hope-this-works enthusiasm. Fortunately, this is an approach with which I have had more success than failure, and here is the most recent result!

(knitted up large on the left, felted on the right)

They fit!! It worked!!!!! OMG it worked.

Next step: (after felting the second boot and letting it dry) smear the soles with caulk and let dry. The caulk will increase the water-resistance and traction and will help keep the felt from abrading too quickly on the Seattle streets. :)

caulk needs about 48 hours to dry properly. .. I have almost that much time left!

Oh, just in case you'd like to make your own pair, I've included an image of my notes. Good luck deciphering them!! .. If there is sufficient interest, I may be willing to do the clean-up work necessary to make a pattern for sale.


  • At Sat Oct 28, 05:17:00 PM PDT, Blogger Paula said…

    Hey those are very awesome looking fairy slippers! I REALLY think you should work up the pattern for sale!!!! I know you will get a ton of orders!

  • At Sun Oct 29, 04:21:00 PM PST, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Oh you are the A-Team of Knitting : I love it wwhen a plan comes together!! Such beautiful Fairy slippers!! And when they felt they look even Elven!! Glad you are feeling cheery and up to the rigours of Halloween!! Have a happy day/night!!! We don't 'do' Halloween here though I bet The Labradors would get a tonne of treats!!

  • At Fri Nov 03, 07:51:00 AM PST, Blogger Heide said…

    THose felted shoes are fabulous! Did you write the pattern down? If so would you share? THe washrag bag was perfect too. Cheers.


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