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Friday, October 27, 2006

Oh Good! I Think I Can Write A Thank-You Note!!

The first one to my SP9!!

Wonderful wonderful person that she is (I am assuming female, in part because statistically it is most likely)!!

Two of the packages that arrived in my mailbox on the 17th were from my wonderful new SP9 spoiler!! She has amazing taste. :)

One of the packages was drop-shipped from a nearby yarn store, and I'd been told that the package would contain "something to hopefully help your wrists from aching" (paraphrased), so I was suspecting a pair of the Hand-eeze compression wristlets (which I have used in quilting before I learned to knit, and have loved for years!! .. and which are elastic and lycra and tend to wear out over time, so even though I currently have a pair, I was delighted at the thought that a new pair might arrive in the post!) ... but no! Even better!! Three different sizes of Bryspun sock needles! I have heard many good things about Bryspun needles before, and yet these are the first sets I have owned or even worked with! I am delighted. :) They are sizes 1, 2, and 3 (I think--from memory, as I am too intent on getting this post written and saved to spend the time to go check!), and I can hardly wait to try them! They are highly reccommended for persons with wrist strain or arthritis as they are a moderately flexible plastic (casein, I think.. from milk proteins).. and they are highly reccommended for lace knitters as they have a really nice long tapered point that makes K3TOGs much easier than the standard short tapers found on most needles! And it came with an oh-so-cute sheep and lamb card! Spectacular! :)

And on the same day (actually, I think it was Monday, the 16th instead of part of the Tuesday windfall) a second package arrived, also from my wonderful new SP9 spoiler!

I love the wrapping paper with the bugs and the butterflies! .. Just in time to use for an upcoming ATC swap, perhaps? .. and the card that came with everything features an Art Deco window! one of my favorite artistic periods, and one of my favorite artistic mediums! very cool.

And a nice warm collar! Hand knit by my spoiler herself!! It is oh-so-cozy! and I can wear it as a headband when my hair is wet to keep my ears warm! Bring on the cold weather! I have hand-knit garments and accessories to protect me this year!! ;)

And a package of Jasmine tea! I am saving it for a quiet afternoon in which I can steep my pot multiple times and just *savor* the moment. (I have been much too hectic this week: the glitch with physical therapy finally got corrected, so now I have appointments out of the house almost every day again, and I discovered Swap-Bot (and immediately signed up for too many.. like filling one's plate at a smorgasboard) so I am trying to make sure that I get the projects I committed to completed and mailed on time. .. and last time I had a cup of tea sitting beside me while I worked, I made the mistake of rinsing my paintbrush in it. EWWWWW! .. must not let *that* happen to my wonderful yummy Jasmine tea!

And last (but far from least) the most amazing (so amazing, it's just plain eerie!) anniversary present! (My 5th year wedding anniversary was this year, on the 13th, and it was....mmm...much less than what I had been hoping for back at the start of the year before I realized the extent of my injury and its repercussions.)

A framed picture of a wedding cake decorated with a peacock!! .. Yes, that's right, a framed picture of **MY** wedding cake! Mine! Yipes!! That is some extremely impressive sleuth work, there, SP9!! I am duly impressed!

Thank you so very much! I love it all. :) Thank you.

Oh! and the chocolate!! GOOD chocolate!!! Yummy! ... I'm savoring it slowly. Now that I don't have to fear losing it to Beth anymore, I finally get to nibble away at it one bite at a time! :)


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