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Friday, October 27, 2006

Thank You Hot Socks!!

(again, I am going to prioritize getting this post saved over digging out the necessary links. .. I'll add them in later.)

I got the most wonderful spoiler in Indie's Swap-Bot Hot Socks swap!!

The requirements for the swap were to send "recipient's favorite hot drink" (I chose cocoa), "enough sock yarn for a pair of adult socks," and "something extra."

What a lot of extra!!

Not only are there three flavors of hot cocoa, there are three bars of really good chocolate, too! and a package of some really fascinating snack-mix with peppered pecans and dried cranberries! --very rich, and I can only nibble a tiny bit at a time--but a flavor blend I have never tasted before! sweet and spicy all at once. :)

There are three balls of Patons Wool-Soy yarn (dk weight! perfect for those size 3 bryspuns!!) and two balls of funky novelty yarn to go along as a fanciful cuff! .. and a pattern to that effect! (plus two other patterns that look like quite a lot of fun too.)

There are also a wonderful blue ball of bamboo yarn! so silky and lovely! I think it might be beautiful as a spring handbag? a ball of sparkly special yarn in blues and greens that I could use as an accent for the bamboo, or perhaps on its own, or maybe even paired with: the ball of green linen yarn! which seems far too special to turn into a washcloth (but oh so luxurious if I did..) .. so maybe I will use it as part of my costume for Rennaisance faire somehow? .. and there is even a partial ball of pink cotton! So fun!! So many guilt-free choices!! (I just *adore* partial skeins of yarn because I don't have to worry about choosing the "right" project-- partial skeins and short ends are permission to experiment and play! .. a little bit of this, a smidge of that.. and all of a sudden there are color connections occurring I never would have planned if I'd had enough of one color to begin with! ;) ) .. and there are a couple of odds and ends from someone's sewing/craft basket-- several tiny sparkle-pom-poms!! They're maybe 1/2 inch diameter, and they are so cute! .. I saw some for sale in the pet store last week (would you believe it!) for adding "bling" to your hermit crab! (can you believe it. hmpf!) No hermit crab here, and the bunny won't hold still, so I will have to figure out what else I can do with them.

..and a couple ounces of mauve-ish fleece! (It's really quite a nice color.. very earthy and warm) I will have much fun spinning the fleece into yarn. .. Oh! and a bag full of feathers!! chicken feathers in lots of different patterns and colors! so fun!! I am toying with the idea of adding the feathers to the fleece as I spin the yarn and see what happens!

And a card (with a wonderful note!) featuring a picture of one of her roosters!

Does it get any better than this??

(before you answer that, remember: Flash was a fluke! ;) a really wonderful, very appreciated, unlikely to ever re-occur fluke! .. you can't count him--he's on the far end of the bell curve. ;)

Thank you, Hot Socks Spoiler!! (link will get added later)


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