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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Folklife Festival

Memorial day weekend was Folklife Festival weekend-- imagine a country fair but with dreadlocks instead of cowboy boots. It's an annual music and dance and artisans crafts fair. On Friday I did some volunteer work during the afternoon then tried a few dances and listened to some music before heading home.

On Saturday I brought my custom knee brace and better shoes and danced quite a bit. :) I'd been looking forward to that for months, hoping I'd be able to dance all weekend once Folklife arrived.

On Sunday I took lots of Advil and put an ice pack on my knee all day. It performed surprisingly well-- hurt a bit, but not as much as my calf and shin and quads! All in all quite a success, even if I didn't get to dance "all weekend"

On Monday I cleaned house and rested.

The big fiber and spinning conferences are coming up real soon. I'm not really ready yet, but I'm probably as ready as I'm going to be. It should be fun anyway. I'm looking forward to learning new skills and spinning yarns and hanging out with other spinners.

This year's Fiber Exchange project is due already!! yipes! Fortunately I'm ready to turn it in, but you'll have to wait a little longer before I get a post written up about it. I feel like I've had no time to relax since my knee started getting better. I've got yardwork that's way overdue (lots of weeds to pull, bushes to trim back, etc etc), housework that's way overdue, projects that got put on hold... and I'm still in physical therapy twice a week plus finding time for the exercizes at home.

I'm sorry that the blog is suffering at the moment, and even more sorry that I haven't gotten out to look at YOUR blogs! It will happen. Soon, I should hope!


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