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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Tuesday Stitchers blog import: BJP mandala sample finished

The bead mandala I was working on with a few more beads attached and the raw edges of the applique turned under, placed on the rough wedge shape I'm thinking of using. ... except that it occurs to me that in order to make the wedges large enough to qualify for the 36 sq inch size after the peacock's body has been appliqued over part of them, then I probably need to extend the radius another inch or two to make up for the loss at the center. That might make the beaded eye seem too small, and if so, then I will probably make a larger fabric circle applique to rest behind it.

Also, I am going to use this post in relationship to the next post I write to figure out whether the "schedule ahead" option is available / working for me. I am writing this at 11:29 pm on the 7th, with the intent to schedule it to post on the 8th at 7pm (PST).
I'm going to write up another post next and let it post right away. We'll see which one shows up first, and whether either one waits until tomorrow to actually show up.

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