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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Tuesday Stitchers blog import: potential fabric palette

Here's one potential fabric palette:
It doesn't quite have the vibrancy I'd hoped for, though. The blue doesn't stand out enough against the greens... but part of that is that I need to limit my blue palette to darker, richer blues and my greens that will abut the blues need to be paler and yellower, whereas here in this picture they are all jumbled together. I can use the lighter blues to create highlighting to give my peacock's body a 3-dimensional shading, perhaps. ... but these greens aren't reading as jewel-tones in this picture, and neither are the purples. That is partly because of the photograph lighting, and partly because all of my jewel-tone greens and purples are in a different box that I haven't yet unburied. The fabrics so far are all 100% cotton, eliminating both the excitement and the frustration of trying to balance different levels of shine inherent to the fabric.
I welcome all thoughts and comments.

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