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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Tuesday Stitchers import: peacock color exploration

So I talked about the possibility of trying a color-shift arrangement for my peacock. Here's one possibility:

I like the light green in the center, shading to richer/darker green at the mid-arc: I like the way the light center suggests a reference to the sun. I like the way that the purple edges (on most of the wedges) are set in a fan pattern: it references the popular fan motifs of the Victorian CQs (which is also referenced by the fan pattern of the peacock as a whole, for that matter). I also like the way that the green section criss-crosses.

The white circles in the tail represent where a beadwork eye would be placed.
The astute among you may notice that there are only 8 fan wedges in this peacock's tail, where there will be 11 wedges in my actual peacock's tail. It is a lot easier to divide a half-circle into 8 than into 11 by folding in halves.

I welcome all thoughts, observations, suggestions!

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