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Monday, November 07, 2005

Is It Really November 7 Already?

I cannot believe how time flies! Everytime I blink it seems like I have missed something. In this case, it was my own anniversary. How can one miss one's own anniversary??! I guess I just got caught up completely in things that were going on right now and forgot about celebrating the past. Of course, I wasn't alone in forgetting my anniversary. He forgot too. As did pretty much everyone who was in any position to be aware of it. (perhaps this is "A Good Sign" that things are going well enough that the passage of time is not an immediate awareness.)

So, having realized that it's that time of the year again, we've decided to have our anniversary celebration on this coming weekend instead. Hey, better late than never, eh? We'll re-light the candle, talk about our favorite moments from the past year and our dreams for the coming years, find out whether any important perspectives have changed and whether we're still both attuned to the same priorities or if something different is more important now. We'll have supper together and go on A Real Date just the two of us. It'll be nice. We'll leave the dog with Gipsieee and get away from the list of Things To Do for a weekend. :)

I cannot believe I just simply up and forgot.


  • At Tue Nov 08, 12:14:00 PM PST, Blogger Laura said…

    It's easy to forget things when you're so busy! At least you both forgot ;)

    Happy Anniversary!

    Laura x

  • At Tue Nov 08, 08:59:00 PM PST, Blogger sauvageblue said…

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful hot date!
    I wanted you to know I did not forget your socks, They are on their way I didn't have a chance to send them to you sooner, I'm sorry. I hope you will not be extremely disapointed since I am not a very good sock knitter but, I did try my hardest. I made them while my father was in the hospital. I hope you like the colors.

  • At Wed Nov 09, 07:57:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nor can I beleive that it is already November 9ths... LOL I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

    It is better to live the day and forget about things. It shows a free mind and other things are more important then just a mere day in your life. To sit and to talk about life on any day with someone you care so much about is much more important then remember that one date. Make any day a special day.

    My family and I are really bad with dates and don't feel that we are driven by the calender but more by our hearts. Christmas might fall on the 24th/25th but we can celebrate it any day of the month. Same as any other special event in the year. I am just so happy that you all can have this "REAL DATE" - Johnny and I make it a point to have those once an awhile. Important for the mind, body and soul.

    Ok enough gushy stuff. Have a fantastic weekend.

    ***** opps I had to delete. I actually almost typed my name.

    Your Secret Pal

  • At Fri Nov 11, 03:27:00 PM PST, Anonymous Rox said…

    Happy Anniversary!!! :) How many years?

  • At Sun Nov 13, 06:02:00 PM PST, Blogger bethieee said…

    Happy Anniversary,
    Glad you're enjoying your weekend away from things.
    The house'll be cleaner when you get home than when you left it. Neat thing about roomates, sometimes they clean ~grin~ (the kitchen's done, the foyer is next, and then the laundry (though you might be home by then))

  • At Wed Nov 23, 07:12:00 PM PST, Blogger Peacock said…

    How many years? .. mmm... did the marriage thing in October, 2001. A bit of a reaction to 9-11, really, but grateful for it nonetheless. Does make it difficult to remember, though, since I was expecting a May wedding in something like 2005ish. (I really was enjoying planning ahead!) So if you go by the marriage date, 4 years. If you add on the dating time, 7 years. :)

    The B&B was really quite fabulous. Chilly, so we had to cuddle for warmth, but otherwise just wonderful.

    I'm also one to shift the dates around a bit if the Official ones aren't convenient. But I do like to know at the time that I'm doing it! Doh!!


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