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Friday, October 06, 2006

Freebie: Growing Fast!

One last update for the evening.. this one because it is timely, and if I let the picture sit too long it might not be accurate anymore!

My bunny is eating everything in sight. A week or so ago he was 3-1/2 pounds. This week he is 4 pounds!! His fur is growing a little, and he seems to be Always Hungry!! .. he eats two big hoppers of Timothy hay, a sprig of parsley, and 1 whole Cup of alfalfa pellets Every DAY!

He's also well on his way to being litter-box trained! Yay!! ... after a brief mis-adventure with the World's Best Cat Litter (made from corn cob, I think and great for his under-tray.. but not good for his litter-box inside his pen, as he thinks it's the greatest dessert ever and ate so much the day he had access to it that I worried he was going to get an impacted gut!) we've settled on Arm-and-Hammer unscented cat litter for his litterbox, and the World's Best (compostable!) litter for his under-tray. :)


  • At Sun Oct 08, 08:28:00 AM PDT, Blogger stacey said…

    Your bun is so cute! Almost like he's saying "Please Peacock...can I have some more???"

    I had the same issue, big eater. My bun vet told me to limit daily intake because some buns can be piggy eaters...eating when they don't need to/are not hungry.

    Did I mention how cute your bun is???


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