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Friday, October 06, 2006

SP8 Goodies!

So I've been pondering for the last couple of weeks, trying to figure out which of my SP8 Reveal goodies is my second-favorite! (the absolute favorite is just so far out there that there's not even a close runner-up.. not sure there ever will be, actually... my SP8 spoiler went so far beyond Generous, that it should be legendary!)

First off, there's the reveal card!

Now, my SP8 spoiler has sent the most fabulous fun cards throughout the three months of spoiling me, but this one outdoes all the rest! She made it herself!! (I'm sure of it... it's an SP8 card done in a wonderful scrapbooking style... and looke at the adorable little skeins of yarn and knitting needles!!!! OMG! SO fab!) .. her name is Lacy Zigzag! (at least, that's her blog-name), and you should all go over there and thank her for me!! She's been absolutely wonderful!! .. not only does she send Great gift packages, but she's been truly supportive when I really needed support. :)

I've been really selfish in keeping her oh-so-wonderful Reveal package contents to myself for the past month, but I think I'm ready to share today, and I just *know* you're dying to find out what they are!

Another favorite, if for nothing more than the *cool* factor:

Light-Up knitting needles!! Purple light-up knitting needles! size 10.5! Awesome. :) ... I've been having fun this past week trying them out under all sorts of circumstances.. they are very bright, so if you're going to use them in a moving vehicle, try sitting in the back seat so you don't blind the driver! ... They're really great for that twilight-time of evening when the light is starting to fail but you don't want to turn on extra room lights yet! ... or I could imagine having fun with them at a campfire (but I will need to wait for Spring before the weather is right for that attempt! .... or a rave party?? Definitely useful at a dance club nowdays when my knee prevents me from dancing... a good conversation starter. ;)

And these!

Halloween is almost here! and I have some stickers and some paper cut-outs for a scrapbook page!! :) How cool is that? two pumpkins, a witch, and a haunted house! all I need is some pictures of my costume for the year... I'm thinking I'll go as an injured fairy... leg and wing in splints, all wrapped up with ivy leaves...

And this!!

I'm not sure you can read the packaging, but it's a bag of walnuts! from Peacock Farms!!! ... I've already eaten two batches of banana bread with walnuts, and am looking forward to a batch of chocolate-chip-walnut cookies next week for my husband's birthday! (It's an annual tradition to bake cookies for his birthday. :) .. I get the batch with the nuts in it. He gets the butterscotch-chip cookies.) ... (I didn't bake the banana bread-- my mother did. Turned out absolutely yummy!)
..(If they'd been pecans, I'd've made a pecan pie. .. but they were walnuts, so I didn't. ;)

Another knitting magazine!!!

with some great ideas to try.. but my attention was drawn to this fab advertisement in the back pages! Adriondack yarns is using a peacock's tail as their advertising logo!! :) ... I've seen some of their yarns, and I'm absolutely drooling over them. .. they are on the expensive end, though, so I'm waiting to indulge. Maybe a sock yarn or two for my birthday in January? .. and their silk-ribbon yarns are even more pricey!! but oh how gorgeous!!! Thank you for noticing them, Lacy!

Then there's this guy...

A cute little brass-and-enamel Peacock for my holiday tree!! ... for year-round decoration for that matter!!! So Sweet!!! .. maybe I will figure out a way he can live on my spinning wheel so that when I go to spin-ins, people will know right away I'm "Peacock"!

And Earrings!!!

Perfect to go with my fairy costume this Halloween!

Oh, and did THIS ever come in useful!!

My surgeon, who just happens to adore fanciful colorful wild socks, also just happens to have size 12 feet!! I don't know anyone else with size 12 feet, so I don't have a foot-model to work with! My own feet are ladies' size 8-1/2, my husband's are mens' size 9 or 10... but thanks to this handy little chart, I think I can make the pair of socks that are on my needles fit my surgeon's feet! I showed him the sock-in-progress last checkup (I had to, because he wouldn't admit to his foot-size without the leverage of telling him it was already too late to stop me from knitting him a pair of socks...) and he just adores them!! After this post, I will write another to show you the Surgeon's Socks in progress! I used my Sockapaloooza Angel's gift yarn to make them, and I almost don't want to give them away!! (except that at a size 12, they'd never fit my feet... ;)

Then there's *this*, of course....

.. new feathers for Flash! ... I started this ball of yarn last week when I got to the toe decreases for my surgeon's socks and needed a simple-knit project for the theater.. I love the way it's knitting up!! (you'll have to wait until I get pictures) ... The stripe pattern is a really long sequence before repeat, so it's really been fun to watch it work up... but it might be a challenge to get the second one to match--I might do them without worrying about the matching stripes thing. ;)

And this one!!

which for some reason reminds me of spring rains and water droplets on a lake and all sorts of fun ideas! .. I'm saving it until I find (create?) just the right sock pattern to echo the watery concept.

Isn't this the Most Fab reveal box ever???? I think so!! (of course, I think that about every single package that arrives! .. but I think in this case it might be doubly-deserved!!)

Can you see why I've been in shock?!

.... and I haven't even shared the coup-de-grace yet!! You'll have to wait just a little longer to meet Flash! ;)

(Happy dance!!)

Thank you, Lacy!!! You're the BEST! :)


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