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Friday, October 06, 2006

July Spectrum Sock Yarn Swap...

Unfortunately, I missed the memo that must have been posted somewhere covering the change of format for the Spectrum Sock Yarn Swap from an "enroll for the whole set" system to an "enroll each month if you want to stay in the swap" system. I missed out on July's sock-yarn swap (which was the purple-violet month, durnit!) ... so I have no overdue thank-you note.

Sadly enough, I also have no purple sock yarn! argh!! (I did dye some to ship out--it's a really lovely wool-mohair blend...) would someone like to dye up a purple/violet skein of merino sock yarn for me in exchange for the wool-mohair blend I dyed for the exchange? Not only would I really like to have a pair of purple socks to go with the whole spectrum theme, but I also had a plan in mind for the leftovers!

I'll leave this query open for awhile in the hopes that I get someone willing. If that doesn't happen, I guess I will have to just dye up my own skein of sock yarn.. which would fill in the color gap, but wouldn't be as completely awesome as a skein dyed up by someone else!

Also, the sock yarn swap didn't start with the first month-- March was Red-Pink month, and I'd love to get a swap partner willing to fill in that gap as well!

Thanks in advance...


  • At Sun Oct 08, 07:43:00 AM PDT, Blogger Lacy Zigzag said…

    Hey lady, I sent you some purple sock yarn. Now you will have to find it. Maybe you did something else with it. But I was thinking when I sent it that it would be great on Flash.

  • At Sun Oct 08, 01:42:00 PM PDT, Blogger Peacock said…

    The purple alpaca? I know exactly where that is. :) .. and the lime green lace yarn (I'll be working on that one as soon as Spring comes around!)

    I hadn't thought about using the purple alpaca for socks.. hmmm...

    or was there a different purple sock yarn that I'm not thinking of?


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