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Friday, October 06, 2006

Surgeon's Socks.. and Belated Sockapaloooza Thank You!!!

WAAAaaaaay back in the dark recesses of time, I joined the SockapalOOOza exchange (and knitted up some quite-fancy socks, the pattern of which I promised to share (but haven't yet.. but also haven't forgotten.. but have probably misplaced by now)) and I was a Bad swap participant!! I didn't give a proper Thank-You for the wonderful pair of socks that eventually did arrive! (my original swap partner bailed, but I was matched up with a really wonderful angel who sent not only a pair of socks that fit *perfectly!* (better than the socks I make for myself!) but also a ball of sock yarn and a pattern too!!)

Thank You, (oh gosh!! I've forgotten, and it's not in my email folder!!) thank you, sock saviour, wherever, whomever you are!! (I will find the postcard (someday?) and post your name then!) thank you so very much for the socks and the sock yarn and the pattern!!! Thank you so muh for stepping in to take care of me when my original partner bailed!! Please forgive me for such a late thank-you! (I didn't get your package until after things had started to go Really Downhill, and...well... I've not had a very easy time catching up again with everything that got displaced during that Very Difficult Time...)

But I LOVE the socks! they truly are a perfect fit!! I've worn them several times.. it's hard to pick favorites anymore now that I have so many wonderful hand-knit socks.. but I sure do smile every time I see that Your pair is in my clean socks drawer!! (they don't stay there long, mind you!)

.... .... .....

and I fell in love with the sock yarn you sent! (I haven't tried the pattern yet, but it does look like fun!) ... I almost wish I'd kept the yarn for myself!! (I'm so very greedy, y'know... ;) ) ... but when I realized that my knee surgeon is a secret Sock Connoisseur with a fondness for wild and crazy colors...well... I realized that this sock yarn, sent by my very wonderful Sockapal Saviour, would be *perfect*! .. wild, bright, vibrant colors... but able to carry off masculine, too!!

(I'm still jealous that I'm giving this sock yarn away!! The more I work with it, the more in love with it I'm falling!)

I knitted them up on size 1-1/2 Crystal Palace bamboo DPs, with a 1x1 rib cuff, a 3x1 rib riser and upper instep, and a stockinette heel, sole, and toe. :)

Since I'm not sure that the socks will be a proper fit, I did a 3-needle bind-off on the first sock, and knitted a few extra rows beyond that (rather than butterfly-ing the extra thread (which has a tendency to get tangled sometimes)) so that I would have extra yarn in case I need to pull back and lengthen or shorten the sock for an optimal fit. (I know no one who has feet of the same size to be my test-fitter! ... thank goodness for that sock-size chart that Lacy sent!)

I've cast on for the second sock, and it's progressing nicely. I should be able to finish the pair in plenty of time for my next check-up (in about 4 more weeks!)

Thank you for the perfect sock yarn, oh wonderful sock saviour!! My surgeon has seen the colorway in progress (I had to show him I already had socks on the needle before he would confess to his footsize!) and he loves it!! I think it may already be his favorite pair of socks and he hasn't even tried them on yet! .... ... and if they really don't fit (like if I did something wrong all the way back at the heel, maybe?) .. perhaps I'll suggest he turn them into sock-puppets. ;)


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