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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Today Was Overflowing Mailbox Day...

Thanks to Indieknits' Hot Socks swap, I got sucked into Swap-Bot! Yipe!! ... lots of fun swaps to take part in! I may have gotten into more than I can keep up with....

Today I went out early in the morning (not so early as you might think from the word "early", or even from the word "morning" really, but earlier than the postman comes by) on my way to physical therapy and I stopped at my mailbox to drop a newly-completed Fabric Postcard into the outgoing mail slot for one of my new swap-bot pals, and when I opened my (incoming) mail box, I found no less than 3 packages just for me! My mail box was jammed so full (the packages were sizeable, but there was also a whole slew of upcoming election junk mail flyers) that I'm quite sure nothing else would be able to fit!

It's a good thing I checked on the way out, because on the way back the postman had been by and there were 2 MORE packages for me!! (definitely would not have fit if I hadn't cleared out the prior mail!)

I am so used to getting nothing but Junk! (store flyers, political brochures, bills, adverts, JUNK!) so today's mail (which definitely includes yesterday's mail and might even include Monday's) was a much-appreciated boost!

I'm not at home this evening, so I can't take pictures, so I haven't even opened most of the packages yet. (I did open one package--it was one of my ATC Ephemera ziplock baggies! fun stuff.)

I can tell you for sure that two of the packages are from my wonderful new SP9 spoiler!! (they both arrived today, and we'll see how they travelled when I open them tomorrow!)

And I think that one of the packages is from my Hot Socks Swap pal! (sock yarn and hot chocolate! Yum!!)

The other (two? three?) packages are from a couple of the Swap-Bot exchanges I joined, and I can hardly wait to see what is in all of them!!

Thank you everyone!!


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