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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One Final SP8 Thank-You!!

I finally have time to sit at a computer and write my final thank-you note for the Over-The-TOP final SP8 gift!!

I've shown you most of the gifties already, but I saved the very best for last!
This is such an *amazing* giftiee that I can hardly believe it is true, even though I walk past it every single day! (It now rests in a prominent pride-of-place location in my living room!)
It is without a doubt one of the *alltime* best gifties ever!!! EVER, I say! .. right up there with my very own horse when I was 13, and the tickets to see Cats when I was 16, and... well, it is just The BOMB!!

... ... ...

Unfortunately, I am not at my own computer, and I have forgotten what I called the pictures, so I cannot finish this post just yet, darnit!!

Just wait til you see this thing!! It is the BEST!!

Thank you, Lacy!!


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