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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thank You, Dishcloth Swap Pal!

Cindy sent me this absolutely wonderful dishcloth-shuffle package!

3 purple handmade dishcloths!! fudge! tingle candies! (multi-colored!!) organic cotton yarn! a postcard of baby Tasmanian devils (so cute!) another postcard with scenic views from Australia! a little tack-pin from Tasmania that will be perfect on my cork board! (I seem to collect fancy little tack-pins.. I like to use them instead of standard office-type thumbtacks.) a cute card with a picture of a labrador retrievier puppy and a nice note inside! Fabulous wrapping paper!! (I unwrapped everything very carefully so that I could save the paper!)

And the sweetest little handbag that *she made*!! purple and gold! and beads and hand stitching!! the perfect size for one small knitting project (like a dishcloth, or a pair of socks!) and my ID on halloween!! Perfect timing! .. and the color will go splendidly with my costume!! (if I get my costume made, that is...) How did you know?! ;)

Thank you, Cindy!!


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