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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

SP8 Reveal: Teaser Post!

It's late, and I have a headache and I need to go ice my knee and get it up above my heart again (which makes it very difficult to type)...
but you've asked to see my SP8 reveal box, and it seems unkind to delay my response any longer... ;)

Here y'go! My SP8 Reveal Box!!

Just wait til you see the contents!! :) A real ray of sunshine in this tedious and painful past few months! ... just wait til you see!! Really!! It's so fabulous I can't even believe it myself!

(as reccommended, I let my mother and my husband move the box around so that I wouldn't stress my knee. :) .. I even let them open it for me! .. just WAIT til you see what's inside! .. (well, what *was* inside.. How is it that so much goodness can fit in one box? Even a box this big?!

Thank You, Lacy!!! (Lacy ZigZag.. whose blog I still need to go explore soon... I am *so* far behind schedule!! So far behind...)


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