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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Heat Of Summer

It's been too hot to even think lately! Outdoors it's only in the mid- to high-80's, but indoors it soars above that. I'm never quite sure why my house gets so hot inside, but it does. Downstairs near the garage stays cooler-- and that's where the rabbits are kept right now so that they don't get heat stroke (angoras are at serious risk of heat stroke if the temperature of their environment gets to 85 degrees. Right next to the garage it seems to stay under 80. .. so far.) ... angoraS! did I mention the second acquisition? I don't think I have. It's been a whirlwind of a summer in so many ways.

Fran got a job offer in New York and asked me to take her rabbit. How could I not? You'll remember Fran's rabbit from about a year ago when I bunny-sat it to keep it healthy in last year's heat wave! Three-Legged Cinnamon. She's doing quite well adjusting to her new environment. She even manages to use a low-sided litterbox. She and Freebie both went to the vet recently to get fixed so that they can room together in one hutch. :) I decided that with her handicap she really doesn't need to be trying to care for a pregnancy and babies-- she really has trouble just caring for herself! .. and Freebie never quite made good confirmation (though he has a wonderful disposition and lovely color), so I wouldn't be trying to stud him out to others' bunnies. They will still give lovely fiber throughout their lives, and they are wonderful well-loved pets. I am hoping that housing them together will give Cinnamon some much-needed cuddles and socializing. She never really got over losing her leg and even still, two years later, doesn't much like being touched or held.

Last weekend was Merrie Greenwood Players Rennaisance festival in Richland. It's the first time I've gone to that one-- it's small but rather nice. The weather was very hot, and I did wish that I could loosen my layers and even take off the outermost bodice. It became very apparent how much extra weight I've put on from this injury when I tried to lace up my bodice! But since we were helping out as demonstrators (spinning, weaving, etc), we had to stay in-costume. I think I'm going to split my bodice up the sides and add an inch of inkle-woven ribbon as an extension. I hope it works-- it would be much quicker than making an entirely new bodice!

Weekend before that was Black Sheep Gathering! Lots of fun. I took Paula Schull's class on handcombing and have started to work my way through all the fleeces I've been collecting. I also took a class on lichen dyeing, and one on spinning with the exotic down and hair fibers (yak, cashmere, camel, qiviut, etc) both taught by Judith McKenzie McCuin. If you *ever* get a chance to take a class from her, jump at the opportunity! She really knows her stuff, and she covers an amazing volume in the short time she has. I leave her two-hour classes feeling like I have put in an entire day's work.

Three weeks before that was the Northwest Regional Spinner's Association annual conference--in Idaho this year. And it was HOT! ... I don't know what the numbers were (I never did look that up), but it was definitely hotter than the 85ish we're hovering at around here right now. But such a blast! most thoroughly worth the trip.

more later! must go feed the husband just now.


  • At Mon Jul 16, 02:58:00 PM PDT, Blogger Paula said…

    My house does that too and I don't know why.
    We have airconditioning.
    We always pretty much 'live' in the front rooms when it gets hot.

    You know a split bodice laced up the sides with a cotton bateste(sp)chemise is so much more comfortable, I found when at the medieval events during the summer.

    Oh how exciting about your new bunny!
    Go see Jenni at alum creek, she is a crafter too who has a house bunnny. In fact her house bunny has her own blog! she is listed on my blog.


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